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How to Enter

Be honest, you’re never going to be an Olympic Athlete or play for Manchester United - all that time and dedication needed to reach the top can be a bit of a drag... but you could be the Corby Conker Champion simply by entering the Corby Conker Championships! Just think about the fame and the glory which you could attain without the aggravation of having to treat your body as a temple!

What’s more, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to charities - about the only thing that we at Corby Conker Club take very seriously.

Please read the following notes carefully, then complete and print an entry form, and post (mail) to Ashton Conker Club together with your entry fee.


This event is to be held on Satureday 13th October 2013 at a publis house in Corby (Venue to be advised) The  aim of the event is not only to crown the Corby Conker Champion but also to raise money for charities for Prostate Cancer

We have two easy ways for players to further support the fund raising activity, either by attracting sponsorship, or by selling raffle tickets for the Grand Prize Draw. All players will be sent books of tickets. Please try to sell these books to friends, family or work colleagues. It often helps if you collect any sponsor money at the time of the pledge; maybe your company will sponsor you!

The whole day is a family fun day, with stalls, side-shows and a Junior Competition (no registration is required for under 18s, just turn up and play on the day).

Conditions of Entry:

Each player pays the £10 entry fee by PayPal . Please note if you do not use the on-line application form (i.e. you request a form to be sent to you) then an administrative charge of £1 will be applied to each application. The entry fee quoted on these forms will be £3 .

The entry fee is non refundable once your entry has been processed.

Your application must be received by us by 1st October for the year of entry. Corby Conker Club cannot be held responsible for late applications whatever the cause.

The information on the application form must be completed in accordance with the "help" detailed within the application form. Entries that appear to be false or contain spurious data  will be rejected.

Players must provide their own home address (“care of” or “c/o” addresses are not allowed without an explanation).


All competitors please note that your entry is NOT TRANSFERABLE.  Any person found to be entered as a substitute will immediately be disqualified from the competition, at whatever stage has been reached. If you are unable to provide identification at registration then you may be unable to play.

The competition has a limited number of places,

Team Competition.

Increase your chance of being the Corby Conker champion, in fact double them!  Enter a team in the competition and you then have the opportunity not only to be the champion of Corby, but also a member of the team champions of Corby

All it takes is three more intrepid friends and you have the requirements of a team! The team champions will be presented with a trophy

How the team competition works:

Each of the four members of the team is assigned to different colour groups. As each player is knocked out of the main competition they are given a points score, which relates to the round in which they were knocked out. In the first round this is eight points the second seven and so on until the final. Then the scores of each team member are accumulated and the team with the lowest score (i.e. whose members progressed furthest into the competition) is the winner.

Team Competition - Points to Note:

Each team consists of four players. This can be 4 men, 3 men & 1 lady, 2 men and 2 ladies, or 1 man and 3 ladies, however there is only one ladies’ group, so mixed teams with more than one lady will be disadvantaged.

Uniforms, sweatshirts, fancy dress may be worn but the competition tabard clearly showing the competitors’ number MUST be worn over.

The players should decide a name for the team.

Once the team applications are processed then a substitution is only available as detailed below.

In the case of a draw the two team captains will be required to stage a play off to decide the winner.

There is also a separate ladies only team competition.

All team entries should be sent in together to ensure that each member is assigned differing groups.

There is no additional charge for a team entry.

Please nominate a captain on one of the entry forms, otherwise one will be chosen by the competition secretary.

All correspondence will be returned to the captain, however each player must list their own home address (“care of” or “c/o” addresses are not allowed without an explanation). If returning correspondence to the captain is not suitable, please indicate this on the entry form.

Substituting a team member: A team member can only be substituted under the following terms and conditions.

All the documentation of the player not entering must be returned with the entry form of the new player.

The new player pays the £2 entry fee.

The application reaches the competition address before 1st October 2013.


Competitors are advised to consider the following points before entering the Competition:

This event will attract media attention. Should you win, you may be required for interview by the local media. This could involve time, and cost of travel. Corby Conker Club cannot be held liable for any costs incurred.

Photographs and video footage of the competition will be taken throughout the day and these photographs may be used by us (Corby Conker Club) and other media organisations outside our control for publication in the printed media and/or the internet and/or for broadcast on television. If you object to such usage, you should not enter the Competition

Click HERE for the Entry Form